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Viernes Girl by Aurora Guerrero: WIM/HBO Film


Viernes Girl,Super 16mm, 6 min, 2005

Writer/Director: Aurora Guerrero

Producer: Faith Radle

Winner 2005 HBO short script competition. Acquired by HBO and aired on their network for two years.

Chila is a young Salvadorean girl who enjoys school and music. Her older brother Hugo enjoys the ladies and has no regard for the fact that a thin bedroom wall separates his activities from his sister's. As the week progresses along with Hugo's romances, Chila gets creative with her ways of interfering. The battle between siblings takes a turn when Friday rolls around and Chila and Hugo discover that blood might be thicker than any wall.

Be sure to also check out her upcoming project, Mosquita y Mari, at www.mosquitaymari.com.

Filmmaking as a community

Filmmaking is about community; its a collaboration of so many people and their hard work and efforts. In this community, you don't just join a production to grunt through long days, and leave when it's all over - your presence remains in the details of the bigger picture, literally the picture on the big screen.

For me, filmmaking is about building a new family, filled with artists and people who love the process as much as the product. Often, these are people who I not only continue to work with but come to trust as friends.

In the spirit of community, I would like to make a shout-out to Peter and Benjamin Bratt, who just released La Mission. It's a project that Aurora and I worked on, a project that brought us together. And as we embark on our own path, creating our first feature, we cannot forget our big brothers and how they taught us the importance of respecting the process and all of the people involved in it.

Independent films, with stories like La Mission, rely on this idea of community. The more people who watch it right now, the better chance it has to come to cities all over this country. People sometimes complain that their community doesn't get enough exposure, but we sometimes forget that we have the power to change things. Sometimes change can be as simple as buying a movie ticket.

So if you are in Southern California, the Bay Area, Dallas, or New York, please support our work, support our brothers and watch La Mission.

For more information, please go to:


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Char Agabao


Friday, April 2, 2010

Launching Mosquita y Mari's website has been beyond exciting. Taking it from the private to the public is the next phase in giving it life.  I know this might sound kinda out there but every person that visits this site -reads about Yolanda and Mari and every artist behind this endeavor, takes in the images of these girls and Huntington Park, submits an audition - is breathing life into the film. For years, since 2004, the characters in this film have only lived in my head and in my heart. The script has only passed through few hands to read and give me feedback. I've held on tight to Mosquita y Mari, partially to protect it and partially out of fear.  On Wednesday, March 31st that all changed. Now this film and this story belongs to all that are joining us on this journey - in the flesh or in the virtual. This is our baby, now!

luz y amor, aurora guerrero

Premiere Magazine Interviews Aurora Guerrero

The director for Mosquita Y Mari, Aurora Guerrero was featured with Guillermo Del Torro, Carlos Bolado, and Juan Carlos Rulfo in Premier Magazine.

In this article she discusses her childhood, her passion for filmmaking, and her commitment to tell "non-commercial stories." Check it out...


Mosquita y Mari

Mosquita y Mari is now in pre-production. Keep up with the process of making this film by following this blog. We'll take you through every aspect of this exciting venture with this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mosquita y Mari and show you what goes in to creating the films you enjoy. Thanks!

Posted by the Mosquita y Mari team
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